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What is the price for a headshot session?

The cost of a headshot session is determined by a combination of a session fee and a per-image fee structure. 
This pricing approach offers flexibility and allows the client to receive high-quality images 
without any limitations on wardrobe changes or background variations during the session. 
The main objective is to produce exceptional results and explore all possibilities to achieve the client's desired outcome.

After the photo shoot, the client receives a proofing gallery link to choose their preferred images. 
If needed, the photographer can provide guidance in selecting the best photos and explain the differences between similar expressions. 

All selected images undergo professional post-processing, including invisible retouching, ensuring the highest standard of quality. 

The final images are then delivered in digital high-resolution format, with the added bonus of a complimentary black and white version.

It's important to note that I will never deliver unedited photos, as I believe they would not reflect the quality of my work. 
Thus, only the edited images, selected by the client, are provided after the post-processing. 
Additionally, once the client is satisfied with their final ordered photos, 
all other pictures are deleted, and I will only keep the final edited images. 

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